Blogger writing a review

Best-Kept Secrets of the Best Food Bloggers

From various social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, people’s obsession with food is growing more intense. Though a few of us are starting to get fed up with all these food blogs, we secretly hope that we have a

Birthday party

Party Poopers: 3 Kids’ Party Planning Dilemmas, Solved

To some, planning a kid’s birthday party may be simple. But to parents, it’s not all fun and games. Talk to mothers who have organised a celebration or two for their children, and they’d tell you how messy it is,

Big Ben in London

Why London is Still a Great City for Education

While it’s true that European cities such as Berlin and Paris, as well as those in North America often attract a lot of students from around the world, London is special. Even with the uncertainties surrounding Brexit, it is still


Power Planning 101: The Basics of Planning a Corporate Event

Your company’s business calendar won’t be complete without its share of corporate events. Trade shows, conferences, and team buildings are ways of engaging your workforce or clientele and improving general communication and social skills. These events are also ways to

Kid looking at cookies on a plate

The Best Drinks to Go with Your Cookies

Cookies are everybody’s favorite sweet treats. Kids and adults alike fancy a freshly baked cookie anytime they need comfort, or they simply want to snack. The entire cookie experience, however, is also influenced what you pair it with. That’s why

Friends holding a glass of cocktails

Five Great Cocktail Drinks in SG

There’s nothing like loosening up after a long day’s work. For most people in the metro, that means heading out to their favourite watering hole and getting drinks with friends. Fortunately for those in Singapore, this option is always available.

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