Kid looking at cookies on a plate

The Best Drinks to Go with Your Cookies

Cookies are everybody’s favorite sweet treats. Kids and adults alike fancy a freshly baked cookie anytime they need comfort, or they simply want to snack. The entire cookie experience, however, is also influenced what you pair it with. That’s why

Friends holding a glass of cocktails

Five Great Cocktail Drinks in SG

There’s nothing like loosening up after a long day’s work. For most people in the metro, that means heading out to their favourite watering hole and getting drinks with friends. Fortunately for those in Singapore, this option is always available.

Tourists walking Singapore

Food Guide: Enjoying Singaporean Cuisine and Culture

Are you feeling excited about your Singapore holiday? If you are like most vacationers, you have already looked at all the places worth visiting in the city-state. Perhaps you have made a list of activities you want to try, never

Man proposing in an elegant restaurant

The Golden Rules of Proposing in a Restaurant

Extravagant, gimmicky proposals may have been going viral online, but nothing still beats the Brits’ old-fashioned way of popping the question in a lovely restaurant. There is a certain type of romantic magic with a couple having the most intimate

Woman driving with her friend

Tips for Making Your Road Trip Fun and Unforgettable

Flying has somehow ripped off the fun of traveling by road. While road trips are not yet outdated, more people now tend to forget the joy and excitement of being on a long road trip with either family or friends.


Here’s How to Pack Light Like a Pro

Minimalist travel is fast catching up as a trend among many travelers and adventure seekers. More and more people are progressively welcoming the art of packing light to avoid the hassle of lining up at the airport’s baggage counter or having to bring suitcases

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