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If you want some weird travel experiences, this is the place to begin. Whether it's hanging out with "rainbow kids" in the desert, taking a volcano tour in Ecuador, or stalking alligators in Florida, you'll find the stories, information and inspiration you need here. This part o the website is sure to grow larger, as my wife and I tend to gravitate towards the more unusual activities when we travel. We will keep you updated.

Banos Ecuador is a page that relates some of our experiences in this beautiful hotsprings resort town. The weird or unusual part of this travel destination is the Volcano tours. For $3 (2004) you can have a tour of the town in a "chiva", which is an open-sided bus, even riding on the roof, if you want. You'll eventually end up on top of a large hill, where you'll be able to see the lights of Banos below, while you watch the volcano Tungurahua erupt (weather permitting) above. A hot-rum drink (or two) is included in the price.

Bishop's Castle in Colorado
Bishops Castle is in the Woods of Colorado

Arrowhead Hunting is our story from the deserts of Arizona. An old Mayan Indian took us and one of the resident "rainbow kids" on a trip into the desert to find metates, arrowheads, ancient pottery, and semi-precious stones. The weird part of this travel story is that we actually found all of the above.

Stalking Florida Alligators relates how we met a monster one morning in Florida, and then visited him regularly. It was the first time we had been so close to an alligator in the wild. Were we hunting him or was he hunting us?

Lost On Mount Lemmon is about a weird travel experience involving desert, snow, ice and the blood-sucking legend known as Chupacabra. ("There's something breathing outside the window," my wife told me.) You'll also find some off-road driving tips.

Montana Testicle Festivals is really just a nice name for a family-oriented festival. Nothing too weird here, other than the eating of bull testicles. You'll also find information on other festivals to put on your travel itinerary.

WalMart Camping is about...well, camping at WalMart. It's allowed, it's free, and you'll have an unlimited supply of snacks nearby. This page also covers other free, cheap, and not-so-weird places to park your van or RV when you travel.

Conversion Van Camping isn't really weird travel, depending on how you do it (see Walmart Camping above). It does give you a lot of flexibility, though, and you can end up in some weird situations - if you want to.

Over the years, I've traveled many miles on Greyhound (see the page "Cheap Bus Travel"), which can be quite weird at times. I've slept in the park in Grand Junction, Colorado, with the hobos and homeless, and hitchhiked more than 20,000 miles. I don't do the latter much any more (married and forty now), but my (our) unique travel experiences are not at an end. Check back for more stories and ideas.

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