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We read traveler's tales to entertain us, inform us, and most importantly, to inspire us. You will find many travel stories within the pages of this website. Some of them merit their own page, while others can be found as part of the pages that are primarily tips or information. The links below will take you to the best of our traveler's tales.

A Traveler's Tale at 20,600 Feet

The peak of Chimborazo, in Ecuador, is the furthest point from the center of the earth (further out there than Everest, due to the earth's equatorial bulge). My guide didn't speak a word of English, and thought I was an experienced mountaineer. I was learning Spanish, and had never climbed up glaciers before. I did go forty feet up a sledding hill in Michigan once, to practice with crampons and an ice axe. To see how it all turns out, go to the page, "Climbing Mount Chimborazo."

Treasure Hunting in the Arizona Desert

In the desert in Arizona, an old Mayan Indian took us and one of the resident "rainbow kids" on a trip into the desert to find metates, arrowheads, ancient pottery, and semi-precious stones. The interesting part of this traveler's tale is that we actually found all of the above. You will find the story on the page, "Arrowhead Hunting."

Stalking Alligators in Florida

We met a monster one morning in Florida, and then visited him regularly. It was the first time we had been so close to an alligator in the wild. Were we hunting him or was he hunting us? For the rest of the story, go to the page, "Stalking Florida Alligators ."

Camping with Chupacabra

How about traveler's tales involving desert, snow, ice and the blood-sucking legend known as Chupacabra. ("There's something breathing outside the window," my wife told me.) There was something breathing outside the window, I discovered. You'll also find some off-road driving tips. Visit "Lost On Mount Lemmon ."

More Traveler's Tales

Aliens and Grizzlies in the Meadow

We like to get off the beaten path sometimes, and Montana is one of the best places we know for that. There are valleys and mountains you can hike to where you'll be the only human residents for as long as you stay. The story of one such hike, when my wife Ana and I spent the night above the trees, is on the page, "Traveling Through Mountain Tundra."

Robbed in South America

The page, "Travel Money Belts," is about security issues for travelers. How to hide money and documents, and how much cash you should carry are covered. I also tell the story of when I was robbed on a bus. I dragged the thief off the bus with me, and flagged down the police, but the money was long gone with an accomplice.

Sitting on George Bush

Crossing The Mexican Border is about day trips over the border. We include our own traveler's tales of going to Nogales for lunch twice, and having our picture taken on a presidential donkey one of those times. There were margaritas and mariachis involved.

Writing Home

Travel Letters To Home is a series of three letters - hopefully entertaining - sent home during our wandering way from Traverse City, Michigan to Tucson, Arizona. Broken bones, blood sucking monsters, hot springs, coyotes and more.

Even More Traveler's Tales

Not really, but check back soon. We won't stop traveling, and I won't stop writing down the stories. For that matter, I still haven't written down a few good ones, so I better get to work.

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