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El Pailon Del Diablo in Ecuador

To get to the waterfall, "El Pailon Del Diablo," (The Devil's Cauldron), you can take a bus or one of the waterfall tours from Banos to Rio Verde. We did the latter.

The hiking trail down to the waterfall takes about twenty minutes, and is on private land, but open to the public. Eventually you'll get to the entrance, which you can see in the photo below.

Entrance, Pailon Del Diablo Waterfall

Just past this point you'll reach the restaurant of Wilfrido Guevara, who runs the family property in an effort to preserve the environment there. There is a gate to the final stretch down to the waterfall, and you'll have to pay a dollar. You'll immediately notice what a difference being private property can make.

No public park is so well maintained and clean.

Restaurant in Rio Verde Ecuador

There are several viewing platforms as you get closer. The photo below really can't show you how powerful this waterfall is. The roar is deafening, and you'll be covered in mist continually. Wilfrido says there are even more spectacular waterfalls in the area that few know about. He is developing an eco-resort. By the end of this year he should have the first room open, below the restaurant, with cabanas closer to the river coming eventually.

El Pailon Del Diablo

Bridge To The Other Side in Ecuador

The trail continues through the restaurant (great place, by the way) and over a foot bridge. We asked what the community on the other side was called, and were told "The Other Side," or "El Otro Lado" in Spanish. That is the name actually, and it is settled by a group of people from Israel. That is the bridge in the photo, with Wilfrido's restaurant on the right.

Don't let the rustic roof fool you. Everything inside the restaurant is polished and clean and beautiful. The view is great as well. And whether or not you go further into the other side, at least walk out into the middle of the bridge for another view of El pailon Del Diablo. There are some pools to swim in below the bridge too, if you can find the trail down to them.

The waterfall tours allow a certain amount of time for you to walk down to see the waterfall. If you think you'll want to spend more time (to eat and/or take a swim, for example), you may want to consider taking the bus from Banos. There is at least one in the morning and one that returns to Banos in late afternoon.

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