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Leftover Foreign Coins

What to do with your leftover foreign coins?

Traveling abroad means paying in a foreign currency. In exchange for your well known local currency, you will be given an exotic collection of notes and coins. Getting used to the notes is the easy part. The coins often prove to be the real challenge. As a result you might, when asked to pay a small bill, decide to pay with a banknote and be done with it. And so after a few days your pockets will be stuffed with loose change. What to do with those leftover foreign coins? Here are some useful tips and tricks.

Spend your foreign coins abroad

Banks and exchange offices at home will not buy back your left over travel money coins. Therefore, the smartest thing to do is to spend your coins while you are abroad. Preferably, try to familiarize yourself with the foreign coins and notes before your departure: This way you will avoid paying with large denomination bills in "panic situations" at the counter. Many local shopkeepers will gladly change your coins to notes. Airport shops are a great place to spend your final coins.

Exchange your foreign coins from home

In case you took home some foreign coins, there are exchange offices specialized in the exchange of foreign coins. One of them, the one with the best exchange rates for foreign coins, is The exchange process is easy: You send in your coins along with an exchange form by post. A few days later the exchange value is paid via PayPal, bank transfer or cheque. also accepts pre-Euro coins.

Exchange your foreign coins with

Keep your foreign coins for later

If you might revisit the same country in the future, consider storing your leftover coins for later use. Many people have a drawer or jar with foreign coins. They might come in handy in the future, or they might end up as a nice souvenir.

Donate your leftover foreign coins to charity

Another way to dispose of your foreign coins is to donate them to charity. Through the Change for Good ® program, millions of people have donated their unused foreign coins and banknotes to support UNICEF.

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